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WDTS is the leader in networked table games solutions

WDTS develops innovations for Asian Pacific gaming markets including the Perfect Pay Baccarat Table Network that dramatically increases game security and dealer accuracy while minimizing losses from human error, collusion and theft.

The only source for casino-proven RFID protocols

PJM or “Phase Jitter Modulation” technology is at the heart of WDTS solutions and the only proven RFID protocol capable of meeting the high-volume, high-speed and dynamic requirements of the casino environment.

Perfect Pay

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The only baccarat table capable of tracking game outcomes, bets, payouts and player ratings in real time.

PJM Gaming

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The exclusive source for of casino products and solutions including gaming chips, tag readers and gaming tables that leverage the proven PJM protocol.

Elite Bets

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Dynamically calculated odds create the opportunity for higher house advantages on increased play volumes.

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