The Perfect Pay technology platform.

Perfect Pay is delivered as an integrated product. The component includes all required hardware and software and is designed to withstand casino table operations. Felt board changes are as simple as your current procedure.

Perfect Pay works with your current PJM 13.56 MHz RFID gaming chips, any card-reading shoe, and your existing trend display, pit, and table-side hardware. Perfect Pay data can also be integrated to your existing data warehouse or enterprise reporting solutions. Options for integration to casino management systems are available and virtually any furniture design can be accommodated with your existing look, feel, branding and materials.

Perfect Pay is powered by PJM3.0™ technology.

PJM3.0 Gaming's range of products is the only RFID technology that uses Phase Jitter Modulation (PJM) as the transmission method between the table sensors and gaming chips. This achieves the highest data transfer rates as compared to all other AM (Amplitude Modulation) based RFID technologies.

The PJM3.0 protocol and command structure allows PJM3.0 systems to be many times faster and more robust than all other RFID systems. PJM3.0’s patented technology has become the internationally recognized standard ISO/IEC 18000 Part 3 Mode 2 and is established as the only RFID protocol capable of meeting the high-volume, dynamic requirements of the challenging casino environment.