Perfect Pay is the same game of baccarat

Perfect Pay technology is hidden from view except for a small touch-screen in front of the dealer. Each table has multiple antennas beneath the felt to read data from RFID gaming chips. No part of the system intrudes on the classic baccarat play experience.

Each Perfect Play table features:

  • Bet tracking at each player position and at Tie/Pair bet spots.
  • Game play prompts and alerts via the Dealer Display for error-free game play.
  • Instant chip counts, totals and logged table transactions via a Dealer Antenna.
  • The Perfect Pay Table Manager for defining game limits and configuration options.

The New Standard for Table Games Tracking

Perfect Pay Player Tracking

Perfect Pay is an integrated table games system that uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to invisibly track chips, player wagers and game outcomes. The system uses radio signals to track every bet, every chip and every player in real time. Perfect Pay does all this while remaining indistinguishable from a traditional table game.

The unique ability to bring together the accuracy, efficiency and integrity of an electronic table game and the emotion and excitement live gaming creates an unmatched operating environment and a superior player experience.

Perfect Pay Baccarat Table
The ROI Story

Raise Your Game

Perfect Pay outperforms standard baccarat tables in the key areas of accuracy, operating efficiency, and game integrity. Foremost, enhanced efficiencies increase revenue through increased game speed and decreased operating expenses. Automated bet-by-bet tracking features offer unprecedented insights into player behavior and value. Because game protection is built into the system, it is almost impossible for play to proceed without accurate dealer transactions and correct game play.